Vacuum Food Storage Containers by GENTEEN-Airtight Food Storage Containers-Cereal & Dry Containers Storage Set-Pack of 3.Kitchen,Pantry Organization for Cookie with BPA Free Material


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  • 【Premium Vacuum Storage Containers】 Push-type vacuum storage containers by Genteen, NO vacuum pump required. Not only saves time, but also saves money. Plus, the modular design of these 3 containers is the best option for making the most of your kitchen space, and beyond. Minimum space, maximum freshness!
  • 【Superior Sealing】Press the button several times until the air pressure indicator sinks, the air pressure inside the bottle being lower than the outside; then lock the buckles on both sides to further improve the air tightness. Your food will keep fresh in this case.
  • 【Built In Date Tracker】 Because our containers have a good airtight sealable performance, we ensure that the delicious food in the bottle is kept well. In order to deliver a scientific time management of food, we design a circular-time recorder on the bottle cap. In addition, you only need to gently press the exhaust port and the lid open easily.
  • 【kitchen Pantry Organization & Storage】 The perfect food storage container option for most food stuff. The stackable design allows this product to be placed in various scenes without affecting the beauty, what's more, when you are camping or traveling, you can even use it to store you Prepared food.
  • 【Various Capacity & BPA Free Material】 TOTAL STORING CAPACITY: 1 Extra Large Container (3.2Qt /3 liters), 1 Large Containers (1.5Qt /1.4 liters) and 1 Medium Containers (0.53Qt /0.5 liter). Our containers in diverse shapes and sizes meet your different needs. These STACKABLE products are made of free BPA material, the transparent bottle body being made of durable ABS material.