Statement of COVID-19

Genteen Statement On COVID-19
Dear Genteen Family,
The COVID-19 pandemic is taking over countries around the world at an alarming rate. With the global emphasis on containing the COVID-19, we are seeing cancellations of events and closures of many stores. Some governments are even locking down entire countries. We want to do our part to protect everyone. The safety of our employees and our communities is our top priority. We believe it is our responsibility to do everything we can to help stop the spread of this scary coronavirus.
We are committed to the following:
  • * will still be operational during this time.
  • * Online orders and customer service requests will still be entertained.
  • * Online returns will be processed.
  • * We will upgrade the shipping system so that delivery speed remains optimal, but even this, the shipping speed will be delay by about 1 week.
  • * We will ensure the normal operation of the online store and provide a seamless customer experience while working to find solutions to protect the safety of our warehouse team. We are thankful for the efforts and work of our warehouse colleagues.
We will also hold some great activities and invite everyone to join us even though many of us are stuck at home. Please keep an eye on our social media platforms and join our upcoming events.
We encourage our friends everywhere to take the extra precaution necessary to safeguard their health and that of others. It's everyone's responsibility to help stop the spread of COVID-19. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and your local health authorities are the best resources for updates and answers to common questions.
Our Genteen new product release will not be affected by the coronavirus; please look forward to the arrival of our new product. We will stay with you to combat the COVID-19. We believe that we will persevere through this challenge, too. Thank you for your business, loyalty, and patience.
Genteen Team